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Full Container Load (FCL)

Container shipping plays a crucial role in enabling global trade. MS Shipping offers container shipping from/to all destinations via port Varna, Burgas, Thessaloniki and Constanta. We also arrange shipping between two foreign countries (cross-trade), on port-port and door-door basis. The company offers transportation service in the standard 20’DV, 40’DV and 40’HC, as well as all the specialized types of container equipment. Being on the market for over 20 years, and having an extended network of agents all over the world, we can ensure that with MS Shipping, your goods are in safe hands.

Less Container Load (LCL)

For smaller businesses, which don’t have enough cargo to fill a full container, we can offer LCL service. In this case, your goods will share same container with other cargoes, going in the same direction.

Reefer Service

MS Shipping offers transportation of goods in specialized Refrigerated containers, or shortened “Reefers”. This service plays vital role in global supply chain, allowing perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, meat and fish to travel thousands kilometers and reach their destination in good condition.

Liquid cargoes

We offer transportation of liquid cargoes in flexitanks, using some of the most established flexitank producers in the world. We provide all the involved services – selection of suitable containers, fitting of the flexitank inside the container, as per highest industry standards, so that our customer can be certain, that their cargo is well secured.

Additional services

Multimodal transport
Cross trade service
Customs clearance
Dangerous cargo
Warehouse service